Ads? No thanks!

Ads, upsells and analytics banners have been running rampant in our WordPress dashboards for too long. It's time to make them go away, once and for all.

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Why use Clarity?

Clarity is a lightweight WordPress plugin that works just like your favourite browser ad blocker. It surgically removes ads, upsells and other annoying notifications such banners asking to track you.
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    For agencies

    Creating sites for clients? Make it easier for them to use the sites you deliver and avoid your clients becoming confused about buying "premium" features that they might not need.

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    For end users

    Focus on what's important on your site - the content. No ads or other distractions.

For plugin and theme developers

Do you develop plugins or themes? You can easily respect the wishes of your users by checking if they are running Clarity.
  // You should not serve ads or upsells to this user.

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